Chapter 24. Snippets List

The Snippets List View allows reusing often used modules and network snippets. Unlike the normal copy and paste of selections, the snippets are saved and available in future sessions.

Figure 24.1. Snippets List

Snippets List

To add modules/networks from the workspace to the snippet list, select them, right-click and choose Add Selection To Snippets List from the context menu. Enter a snippet name and click OK to save the snippet.

To add snippets to a network, either double-click the thumbnail to insert the snippet in the middle of the workspace, or drag the thumbnail from the snippets list to the designated position.

The context menu offers the following options:

Figure 24.2. Snippets List — Context Menu

Snippets List — Context Menu

Multiple snippets can be de-/selected by selecting snippets while holding SHIFT

All selected snippets can be deselected by pressing ESC.

The snippets can be re-arranged by dragging them. Note that a dropped snippet will either be inserted as the first or as the last element; snippets cannot be inserted by dropping between other snippets.