8.2. Creating a User Package for Your Project

When you create new modules with the Wizard, you need to enter their package path. For your own modules, you always should have your own user package (and path). This is done as follows:

  1. Run the Project Wizard (FileRun Project Wizard)

  2. Select New Package. The Package Wizard opens.

    Figure 8.3. Package Wizard

    Package Wizard

  3. Create a new package with the Package Wizard. Enter the following:

    • Package Group: Enter the package group in which your package should be saved. Enter a name, for example your company or site name. For our example, enter “Example”.

    • Package Name: Enter the package name. Select a typical user package name from the list or enter a new package name. For our example, enter “General

    • Package Owner: Enter a package owner (meta description without actual effect).

    • Target Directory: Select the target directory below which this package will be created.

  4. Click Create so that the new package “Example/General” is created.

The new package is added to the User Package Path, including all subdirectories and files. The information entered in the dialog is saved in the Packages.def file. As adding a new package group alters the user package path, the module database has to be reloaded.

After reloading, your user package “Example/General” is ready for saving modules and projects.