1.4. Conventions Used in This Document

1.4.1. Activities

Select: Click an object with the left mouse button.

Right-click: Click an object with the right mouse button, usually to open the context menu.

Double-click: Click the object twice in fast repetition. Starts the default action of the object (e.g., for a module, opens the default panel).

Drag: Click the object with the mouse and keep the mouse button pressed while moving the object to another position. Place/stop by releasing the mouse button.

Right-drag: Click the object with the right mouse button and keep it pressed while moving (as described for drag).

Mouse-over: Move the mouse pointer to the object to display additional information in a tool tip, for example on panels and connectors.

CTRL+N: Press the keys CTRL and N at the same time.

ALT + double-click: Press the ALT key and double-click the object.

MenuitemSubmenuitem: Open the menu and select the submenu item.

1.4.2. Formatting

Views: Parameter Connections Inspector

MeVisLab modules: ImageLoad:

Parameters: Diameter

Programming code: *outVoxel = *inVoxel0

and also

    outMin = inMin + constValue
    outMax = inMax + constValue