MeVisLab 3.2 macOS Edition

Felix Ritter

Table of Contents

1. Installation
2. macOS-Specific Features of the IDE
2.1. Error badge on the MeVisLab icon in the dock
2.2. Changing the Toolkit Style of MeVisLab
2.3. Spotlight Search integration
2.4. Quick Look integration
2.5. macOS Image IO integration
2.6. AppleScript support
2.7. Touch Bar support
3. Launching MeVisLab and its Utilities
3.1. Launching multiple MeVisLab instances
3.2. Quickstart MeVisLab
3.3. Launching the ToolRunner
3.3.1. Adding the ToolRunner to the Dock
3.3.2. Starting the ToolRunner via Associated File
3.4. Launching the MeVisLab Text Editor MATE
4. MeVisLab Release and Debug Mode
4.1. Characteristics of the MeVisLab variants
4.1.1. Release version
4.1.2. Debug version
4.2. How to start MeVisLab in Release or Debug mode
5. Module Development
5.1. Setup of a User Package for Your Modules
5.2. Using the Module Wizards to create a module
5.3. Creating an Xcode project from a .pro file
5.4. Creating Makefiles from a .pro file
5.5. Debugging MeVisLab modules using Xcode
5.6. Profiling MeVisLab modules using Instruments
5.7. Creating Multi-Project Xcode Workspaces using ToolRunner
5.8. Obtaining Source Codes of MeVisLab Modules
A. MeVisLab Keyboard Shortcuts
A.1. Startup keyboard shortcuts
B. Document Revision History