Chapter 5. Module Development

Table of Contents

5.1. Setup of a User Package for Your Modules
5.2. Using the Module Wizards to create a module
5.3. Creating an Xcode project from a .pro file
5.4. Creating Makefiles from a .pro file
5.5. Debugging MeVisLab modules using Xcode
5.6. Profiling MeVisLab modules using Instruments
5.7. Creating Multi-Project Xcode Workspaces using ToolRunner
5.8. Obtaining Source Codes of MeVisLab Modules

Development of MeVisLab modules is supported using Xcode and UNIX Makefiles on the Mac. To facilitate the development of MeVisLab modules across different platforms, projects files are stored in a platform independent manner using Qt-Project’s QMake project files (called .pro files).

5.1. Setup of a User Package for Your Modules

MeVisLab modules are organized in packages. A package may contain any number of modules including documentation and other resources. A package is self-contained to facilitate relocation and distribution. Before you start developing your own modules, you need to setup at least one user package. There is a package wizard that will assist you in setting-up a new package if you didn’t already create one.

Figure 5.1. Setup of a new package using the package wizard

Setup of a new package using the package wizard

The module wizards can be accessed via the File menu by choosing Run Project Wizard….