Chapter 4. MeVisLab Release and Debug Mode

Table of Contents

4.1. Characteristics of the MeVisLab variants
4.1.1. Release version
4.1.2. Debug version
4.2. How to start MeVisLab in Release or Debug mode

The Debug and Release versions of MeVisLab are provided within a single, self-contained macOS application bundle.

4.1. Characteristics of the MeVisLab variants

Each of the different MeVisLab variants has specific pros and cons that makes it more appropriate for certain tasks.

4.1.1. Release version

In Release mode, MeVisLab has been optimized for maximum performance and error tolerance. This is the mode best suited for executing mature and proven MeVisLab networks.

Maximum speed optimization and error tolerance come at the expense of verbose error reporting, however. For the development of MeVisLab networks and new modules, the Debug version is much better suited.

4.1.2. Debug version

The Debug version performs additional tests and is more verbose in certain conditions. Hence, this variant is well suited for the development of new MeVisLab networks. Also use the Debug version, if you are testing new modules or want to debug a module using Xcode (See Chapter 5, Module Development).

Due to the limited code optimization and additional runtime checks, the Debug version offers less performance in executing large MeVisLab networks.