2.2. Changing the Toolkit Style of MeVisLab

MeVisLab is provided for all major platforms. To facilitate the development of cross-platform modules and MeVisLab applications, you may change the Toolkit Style used by the IDE. To do so choose one of the available styles in the Toolkit Style section of the Preferences Panel (MeVisLab › Preferences... › Panel Appearance › Toolkit Style, see Figure 2.2, “Choosing a Toolkit Style for MeVisLab”). This setting requires a restart of MeVisLab to take effect.

Figure 2.2. Choosing a Toolkit Style for MeVisLab

Choosing a Toolkit Style for MeVisLab

The Toolkit Style of MeVisLab can be changed temporarily by pressing the Shift key during startup of MeVisLab. MeVisLab will provide audio feedback after a pressed key modifier has been recognized.

A specific style may also be passed via the -style <style> command line argument to the MeVisLab starter executable. Valid choices for <style> are Native or Application, e.g.

…/MeVisLab.app/Contents/MacOS/MeVisLab -style Native

to use the native macOS style, and

…/MeVisLab.app/Contents/MacOS/MeVisLab -style Application

to apply the application style to MeVisLab.