MeVisLab Scripting Reference
MLABTabViewControl Class Reference

Inherits MLABWidgetControl.

Public Slots

Scripting access.
void selectTabAtIndex (int index)
void selectTab (MLABWidgetControl *control)
int currentTab ()
MLABWidgetControlcontrolForTab (int idx)
void setTabEnabled (int idx, bool flag)
bool isTabEnabled (int idx)
void setTabText (int idx, const QString &text)
QString tabText (int idx)
void setTabToolTip (int idx, const QString &text)
QString tabToolTip (int idx)
int countTabs ()
QTreeWidget * listView ()
- Public Slots inherited from MLABWidgetControl
void adjustSize ()
virtual void setEnabled (bool flag)
virtual void setVisible (bool flag)
virtual bool isVisible ()
virtual void setFocus ()
virtual bool hasFocus ()
virtual void setToolTip (const QString &string)
virtual void setWhatsThis (const QString &string)
void displayWhatsThis ()
void displayWhatsThis (const QString &text)
virtual void setTitle (const QString &)
QWidget * widget ()
QLayout * layout ()
virtual QString windowHandle ()
virtual bool createScreenshot (const QString &filename, bool grabFromScreen=true, bool scaleToLowRes=false)
bool isReloadable () const
void reload (MLABTree *tree)
QString createGlobalScreenshot ()
QString applicationName ()
QSize size ()
int width ()
int height ()
int minWidth ()
int minHeight ()
int maxWidth ()
int maxHeight ()
virtual void setMinWidth (int s)
virtual void setMinHeight (int s)
void setMaxWidth (int s)
void setMaxHeight (int s)
QSize sizeHint ()
QSize minSize ()
QSize maxSize ()
void setMinSize (QSize size)
void setMaxSize (QSize size)
void updateLayout ()
int windowID ()
MLABWidgetControlcontrol (const QString &name)
float scaleFactor ()
MLABModulemodule ()
QString getType ()
QString getName ()
bool acceptDrops ()
void setAcceptDrops (bool flag)
void raiseWidget ()
void setStyleSheetFromString (const QString &styleSheetText)
void setStyleSheetFromFile (const QString &styleSheetFileName)
MLABTreetree ()
void updateMaxSize ()
bool expandX ()
bool expandY ()
MLABTreePtr getDefaultTagValues () const
virtual bool hasUncommittedChanges () const
virtual void applyUncommittedChanges ()
virtual void revertUncommittedChanges ()
MLABFieldfield () const

Detailed Description

TabView control.

The selected TabViewItem can be controlled from scripting.

MDL reference: TabView

Member Function Documentation

MLABWidgetControl* MLABTabViewControl::controlForTab ( int  idx)

Returns the control for the tab at the given index.

int MLABTabViewControl::countTabs ( )

Returns the number of tabs.

int MLABTabViewControl::currentTab ( )

Returns the index of the currently visible tab.

bool MLABTabViewControl::isTabEnabled ( int  idx)

Returns whether a tab is enabled.

QTreeWidget* MLABTabViewControl::listView ( )

Returns the QTreeWidget that is used in ListView mode to allow changing its properties.

It is NULL in other modes.

void MLABTabViewControl::selectTab ( MLABWidgetControl control)

Selects the tab with the given control.

void MLABTabViewControl::selectTabAtIndex ( int  index)

Select a tab at the given index.

void MLABTabViewControl::setTabEnabled ( int  idx,
bool  flag 

Enables/disables a tab.

void MLABTabViewControl::setTabText ( int  idx,
const QString &  text 

Sets the text of given tab.

void MLABTabViewControl::setTabToolTip ( int  idx,
const QString &  text 

Sets the tool tip text of the given tab.

QString MLABTabViewControl::tabText ( int  idx)

Returns the text of a tab.

QString MLABTabViewControl::tabToolTip ( int  idx)

Returns the tool tip text of a tab.