MeVisLab Scripting Reference
MLABMLModule Class Reference

Inherits MLABModule.

Inherited by MLABInventorModule, and MLABRemoteModule.

Public Slots

virtual QObject * object ()
- Public Slots inherited from MLABModule
void copyInstanceName ()
void editInstanceNameWithRequester ()
void editModuleHelp ()
QString exampleNetworkFile ()
QStringList exampleNetworkFiles ()
virtual void forceReload ()
QString getMLABFile ()
QString getModuleDefinitionFolder ()
QString getModuleHelpFile ()
QString getModuleSourcesFolder ()
QStringList getScriptSourceFiles ()
bool hasModuleHelp ()
bool isDefinedInsideProject () const
bool isLazyLoading () const
MLABTreemdlTree ()
void openMLABFile ()
void openModuleDefinition ()
void openScriptSourceFiles ()
virtual void reload ()
void restoreDefaultValues ()
virtual bool shouldReload ()
void showContextMenu ()
void showDLLDependency ()
void showExampleNetwork ()
void showHtmlHelp ()
void showModuleInNetwork (bool openNetworkTabAfterCurrentNetworkTab=false)
void showScriptConsole ()
void updateModuleHelp ()
MLABMacroModuleparentMacro () const
MLABMacroModuleparent ()
MLABMacroModuleapplicationMacro (bool shouldWarnIfNotMacro=true)
bool isDescendentOf (MLABModule *module)
bool isDescendentOfNetwork (MLABNetwork *network)
MLABNetworkparentNetwork () const
MLABNetworkowner ()
virtual MLABNetworknetwork ()
virtual bool isMacroModule ()
void createScriptingContext (const QString &language)
bool hasFunction (const QString &functionName)
QVariant scriptVariable (const QString &name)
void setScriptVariable (const QString &name, const QVariant &value)
void deleteScriptVariable (const QString &name)
QVariant call (const QString &function, const QVariantList &args)
QVariant call (const QString &function)
QVariant call (const QString &function, QObject *obj)
QObject * callWithObjectReturn (const QString &function, const QVariantList &args)
QObject * callWithObjectReturn (const QString &function)
QObject * callWithObjectReturn (const QString &function, QObject *obj)
int callLater (double seconds, const QVariant &function, const QVariantList &args=QVariantList())
int callWithInterval (double seconds, const QVariant &function, const QVariantList &args=QVariantList())
void callOnGUIThread (const QVariant &function, const QVariantList &args=QVariantList())
QStringList callableFunctions ()
QStringList deprecatedFieldNames (const QString &fieldName)
QStringList deprecatedFieldNames (MLABField *field)
QVariantMap deprecatedFieldNames ()
void removeTimer (int id)
void removeTimers ()
QObject * commandHandler (const QString &name)
bool connectField (const QString &dst, const QString &src)
bool disconnectField (const QString &input)
virtual void clearCache ()
virtual MLABFieldfield (const QString &name)
bool hasField (const QString &name)
virtual MLABModulemodule (const QString &name)
bool hasModule (const QString &name)
QStringList modules ()
QList< MLABModule * > modulesAsObjects ()
virtual MLABModuleaddModule (const QString &name)
virtual MLABModuleaddLocalModule (const QString &name)
virtual MLABModuleaddMacroModuleFromString (const QString &string)
virtual MLABModuleaddMacroModuleFromFile (const QString &file)
virtual MLABModuleaddRemoteModule (const QString &name)
virtual MLABWidgetControlcontrol (const QString &name)
bool hasControl (const QString &name)
MLABWidgetControlcontrolDebug (const QString &name)
virtual void closeWindow ()
MLABWindowControlwindow ()
QString unexpandFilename (const QString &file)
QString expandFilename (const QString &file, bool doCleanPath=true)
QString localPath ()
QString networkPath ()
void log (const QString &msg)
void logFixed (const QString &text)
void logHTML (const QString &msg)
void logWarning (const QString &msg)
void logError (const QString &msg)
int currentWindowID ()
int setCurrentWindowID (int windowID)
void remove ()
void py_delete ()
void removeUndoable ()
QMap< QString, QVariant > getDependency ()
bool exportWindows (const QStringList &windowNames=QStringList()<< "_default")
bool callRemoteFunction (const QString &functionName, const QVariantList &arguments=QVariantList(), const QVariant &replyHandler=QVariant())
QString translate (const QString &text, const QString &disambiguation=QString())
QStringList inputs ()
QStringList outputs ()
QStringList parameters ()
QList< MLABField * > inputFields ()
QList< MLABField * > outputFields ()
QList< MLABField * > parameterFields ()
bool isValid ()
void setNonPersistent ()
virtual bool isPersistent ()
QString type () const
virtual bool isRemote ()
virtual bool isLocalMacro ()
bool shouldAvoidSideEffects () const
virtual QString fullName ()
QRect frame () const
void setFrame (const QRect &frame)
void setFrameTopLeft (int x, int y)
void setFrameCenter (int x, int y)
virtual bool isSelected () const
void setSelected (bool flag, bool notifyModuleListener=true)
void setSingleSelected ()
MLABPackagepackage ()
MLABPackagegetPackage ()
MLABWindowControlshowWindow (MLABWindowControl *parent=NULL)
MLABWindowControlshowWindow (const QString &name, MLABWindowControl *parent=NULL)
MLABWindowControlshowWindowFromString (const QString &string, MLABWindowControl *parent=NULL)
MLABWindowControlshowWindowFromFile (const QString &file, MLABWindowControl *parent=NULL)
MLABWindowControlshowAutomaticWindow ()
int showModalDialog (const QString &name, const QString &title)
int showModalDialog (const QString &name)
int showModalDialog ()
int showModalDialog (const QString &name, MLABWindowControl *parent)
int showModalDialogFromString (const QString &mdlString, const QString &title)
int showModalDialogFromString (const QString &mdlString)
int showModalDialogFromString (const QString &mdlString, MLABWindowControl *parent)
int showModalDialogFromFile (const QString &file, const QString &title)
int showModalDialogFromFile (const QString &file)
int showModalDialogFromFile (const QString &file, MLABWindowControl *parent)
MLABWindowControlcreateWindow ()
MLABWindowControlcreateWindow (MLABWindowControl *parent)
MLABWindowControlcreateWindow (const QString &name)
MLABWindowControlcreateWindow (const QString &name, MLABWindowControl *parent)
MLABWindowControlcreateWindowFromFile (const QString &file)
MLABWindowControlcreateWindowFromFile (const QString &file, MLABWindowControl *parent)
MLABWindowControlcreateWindowFromString (const QString &string)
MLABWindowControlcreateWindowFromString (const QString &string, MLABWindowControl *parent)
MLABWindowControlcreateBorderlessWindow (const QString &name, MLABWindowControl *parent)
MLABWindowControlcreatePopupWindow (const QString &name, MLABWindowControl *parent)
MLABWindowControlcreateModalDialog (const QString &name, MLABWindowControl *parent)
bool hasWindow (const QString &name)
void closeAllWindows (bool emitDestroyedCommandImmediately=false)
void reshowClosedWindows ()
virtual MLABWindowControlshowParameterWindow ()
void updateLayout ()
void createConnectors ()
MLABFieldListeneraddFieldListener (MLABField *field, const QVariant &script, bool init)
void removeFieldListener (MLABFieldListener *listener)
QString groupName () const
void addToGroup (const QString &name)
- Public Slots inherited from MLABFieldOwner
virtual bool isSelected () const =0
virtual bool isPersistent ()=0
virtual MLABNetworkparentNetwork () const =0
virtual QString fullName ()=0

Detailed Description

Defines a ML (MeVis Image Processing Library) Module.

See MLABModule, MLABMLModule currently does not provide additional methods.

Member Function Documentation

virtual QObject* MLABMLModule::object ( )

Returns scripting access to the underlying ML module This is only supported for ML modules that have a registered CPPObjectWrapper.