Open Inventor Reference
Release Notes
  • Sept/22/2011:
  • May/02/2007: Mac OS X port of SGI Open Inventor based on our Windows/Linux port. The new version number is 2.4.0.
  • May/01/2007: The font handling has been rewritten (SoFont, SoFontStyle). The following OS-dependent methods for font lookup are used: On Mac OS X fonts are loaded using the Apple Type Services - a font name in SoFont* may be the Postscript font name (e.g. 'LucidaGrande-Bold') or the regular font name (e.g. 'Lucida Grande Bold')). On Windows the given font name is append by "", ".ttf", ".pfa", ".pfb", ".otf" and looked up as a font file in the windows font directory. On Linux the given font name is append by "", ".ttf", ".pfa", ".pfb", ".otf" and looked up as a font file in /usr/share/data/fonts or in the directory pointed to by the FL_FONT_PATH environment variable.
  • Nov/23/2005: There are two new elements, So(GL)StencilBitsElement to enable nodes the management of OpenGL stencil buffer use and So(GL)PolygonOffsetElement to control use of the OpenGL polygon offset feature. The latter element is used by the new node SoPolygonOffset. In addition there are the new fields, SoSFVec2s and SoSFVec3s with the corresponding new basic type SbVec3s. Also added the lexically less (<) operator to SbString which facilitates its use with the C++ STL. Before using any of these new additions SoMeVis::init() must be called to make those class-types known to the Open Inventor run-time type system (just like calling SoDB::init()). The new version number is 2.3.2.
  • Jul/07/2005: Got rid of OpenGL 1.0 extensions use. OpenGL 1.1 must be supported to run the Windows release. This fixes problems with drivers that supported OpenGL 1.1 but did not provide the new OpenGL 1.1 functionality as OpenGL 1.0 extensions.
  • Apr/20/2005: Doubled internal parser buffers in SoInput and added buffer overflow checks. Now the buffers are 64 characters in size. Functions that have been fixed are: SoInput::readHex(), SoInput::readInteger(), SoInput::readUnsignedInteger(), SoInput::readReal(), and SoInput::readDigits().
  • Apr/11/2005: Fixed an inconsistent behavior of the SoSelection node. If pick matching is enabled, the SoButtonEvent::DOWN of the first mouse button will not be passed to nodes right to the SoSelection node anymore since SoButtonEvent::UP will handle the event in any case and both form an integrated whole.
  • Mar/22/2005: Added more detailed version information to <Inventor/SbBasic.h>. The version has been increased to 2.2.0 to reflect the new functionality.
    #define SO_VERSION 2
    #define SGI_VERSION 20200
  • Mar/18/2005: Fixed a nasty bug in SoVertexProperty that was causing a stack overflow when using packed colors in the orderedRGBA field. Only the WIN32 port was affected. Imported current CVS changes from
  • Nov/17/2004: The MeVis Open Inventor port is now able to catch, report, and suppress runtime crashes. A stack report of the recently called actions and traversed nodes can be generated to trace the cause of a crash. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled at runtime using the SoCatch::enableExceptionHandling() function found in <Inventor/SoCatch.h>. To add finer tracing control to your own Open Inventor nodes you may use the macros provided in <Inventor/SoTrace.h>.
  • Nov/04/2004: Added option to the Open Inventor installer to install API reference pages
  • Oct/27/2004: UTF-8 support for path names in SoInput and SoOutput; Affected nodes: SoFile, SoTexture2
  • Sep/01/2004: Check for valid (non-zero volume) bounding boxes of SoShape nodes when extending the scene bounding box in SoGetBoundingBoxAction. Added uint8_t, int8_t and uint16_t, int16_t types to inttypes.h
  • May/25/2004: Set SoFocalDistanceElement in SoCamera during scene graph traversal
  • Mar/30/2004: Interpret drive information in path correctly when using SoInput; Affected nodes: SoFile, SoTexture2
  • Jul/23/2003: First release of the SGI Open Inventor Windows port