genre FiberTracking
author Jan Klein
package FMEwork/Release
dll MLFiberUtils
definition MLFiberUtils.def
keywords DTI, tensor, save, fiber, file


The module SaveFibers saves a fiber set or fiber set container.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: inputFiberSet, type: MLBase

Parameter Fields

Field Index

&Save: Trigger Take Every Xth Fiber: Integer
Auto save: Bool Take Every Yth Point: Integer
Base directory: String Use: Bool
File is up to date: Bool VTK polydata: Bool
File Name: String  
Object Name: String  
prog: Float  
Status: String  

Visible Fields


name: save, type: Trigger, deprecated name: saveObject

If pressed, the module saves the attached fibers.


name: status, type: String, default: Ready., deprecated name: currStatus

Shows status information about this module.

File Name

name: filename, type: String, default: object, deprecated name: fileName

Sets the filename under which the fibers should be saved to disk.


name: useBaseDir, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, the Base directory is used in generating the filename.

Base directory

name: baseDir, type: String

Sets an optional base directory where the fibers are saved to.

Object Name

name: nodeName, type: String, default: BaseObject

Sets the name of the (object) file.

Take Every Xth Fiber

name: everyXthFiber, type: Integer, default: 1

Sets a value to thin out fibers in the fiber set.

If set to 1, every fiber is saved.

Take Every Yth Point

name: everyYthPoint, type: Integer, default: 1

Sets a value to thin out the fibers themselves.

If set to 1, each fiber point is saved.

Auto save

name: autoSave, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, the module saved anew on changing any parameter or input.

File is up to date

name: upToDate, type: Bool, default: FALSE

Shows whether the file is up to date.

VTK polydata

name: vtkPolydata, type: Bool, default: FALSE

Hidden Fields


name: prog, type: Float, default: 0