genre FiberTracking
author Jan Klein
package FMEwork/Release
dll MLFiberUtils
definition MLFiberUtils.def
keywords DTI, tensor, load, fiber, file


The module LoadFibers loads a fiber set or a fiber set container.


Select file name and press load button.


If the files with the saved fiber set or fiber set container ends with .fbr, it can simply be dropped onto a network to instantiate a LoadFibers module with the correct path set.


Default Panel


Output Fields


name: outFibers, type: MLBase

loaded FiberSet or FiberSetContainer

Parameter Fields

Field Index

&Delete: Trigger Status: String
&Load: Trigger Use: Bool
Auto-Update Mode: Enum  
Base Directory: String  
File Name: String  
Is up to date: Bool  
nodeName: String  
prog: Float  

Visible Fields


name: delete, type: Trigger, deprecated name: deleteObject

If pressed, the output fiber set is deleted.


name: load, type: Trigger, deprecated name: loadObject

If pressed, the fiber set at the given path is loaded.

Auto-Update Mode

name: autoUpdate, type: Enum, default: AutoUpdate, deprecated name: autoLoadMode,autoLoad

Defines the update behavior of the module on input change.


Title Name Deprecated Name
Keep Off AutoUpdateModeDoNothing,FALSE
Delete AutoClear AutoUpdateModeAutoClear
Update AutoUpdate AutoUpdateModeAutoUpdate,TRUE


name: status, type: String, default: Please select file for loading., deprecated name: currStatus

Shows status information about the module.

File Name

name: filename, type: String, deprecated name: fileName

Sets the file name of the file to be loaded.


name: useBaseDir, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, a Base Directory is used to generated the load path.

Base Directory

name: baseDir, type: String

Sets a base directory from which the file is loaded.

Is up to date

name: upToDate, type: Bool, default: FALSE

Shows whether the loaded file is up-to-date.

Hidden Fields


name: nodeName, type: String


name: prog, type: Float, default: 0