The module BoundingBoxLinearFunction changes the bounding box of a piecewise multi-linear functions (or a list of such functions).

It does not change the values of the function: In other words, the values of the new function on the new bounding box are equal to the values of the old function on the old bounding box. Precisely, if f(x) is the old function, the new function is f( φ (x)) where φ is the (multi-) linear-affine map that maps the new bounding box to the old bounding box.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: inputFunction, type: MLBase

Connect here the list of functions that you wish to change the bounding box of.

Output Fields


name: outputFunction, type: MLBase

Represents the function (list) with the new bounding box.

Parameter Fields

Visible Fields

New Bounding Box

name: bBox, type: String

Sets the new bounding box.

Separate min and max value of any direction by comma. Separate the directions with semicolon.

Note that all of the functions will get the new bounding box, no matter whether they had equal bounding boxes before.